Please Support Our Flag Sponsors
The Flags on Faunce Corner Mall Road are sponsored by the following Patriotic Merchants & Organizations.

Massachusetts State Police at Dartmouth
Armed Forces Recruiting Center
International House of Pancakes
Vandal's Constable Services
Artifacts Property Trust, Inc.
Ted Monteiro Insurance Agency, Inc.
Dunkin' Donuts of Dartmouth
Gaspar's Sausage Company 

                                                                                     Flags on Faunce Corner Mall Rd, median strip

To sponsor a flag, please call 774.929.7352, they are $50 per year, nine (9) patriotic holidays.

     King Lion Wayne Vandal digging hole for flag foundation    Lion John Killion setting a flag foundation

Our Apologies to​ everyone, during the construction project on Faunce Corner Rd
some foundation where dug up, we are looking forward to a solution w/Mass DOT shortly.

Flags fly on the following Holidays: upcoming & 2017

Earth Day                                              
Armed Forces Day                                 
Memorial Day Weekend                        
Flag Day                                               
Fourth of July, Independence Day        
Labor Day Weekend                             
Patriots Day                                          
POW Remembrance Day                     
Veterans Day                                         
Pearl Harbor Day                                   

We do this to honor our Veterans and our Troops currently serving, for their sacrifice for us!

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Re-Chartered June 3, 2008

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