Welcome!  Who are Lions and What Do Lions Do?

Lions are men and women, just like you from diverse walks of life, who volunteer their time to humanitarian causes in their local and world communities.  By conducting service projects and raising funds, Lions strive to help those in need, wherever need exists.  

To Lions, "We Serve" is more than our Motto, it is a definition and philosophy.

The Association of Lions Clubs was founded in 1917.  Although the youngest major service club organization, Lions Clubs International has grown to be the world's largest.  Our 1.4 million members belong to clubs in over 205 countries and geographical locations.

For 100 years, Lions have been recognized throughout the world for their service to the blind and visually impaired. 
A majority of the world's eye banks are established and supported by Lions, as are hundreds of clinics, hospitals and eye research centers.  In their local communities, Lions provide thousands each year with free quality eye care, eyeglasses 
and hearing aids.  They also recycle eyeglasses and hearing aids.

Through Lions efforts; Thousands of dollars are raised for Eye research and local charitable use.  
With 100% of every dollar raised for a Charity, going directly to that Charity.  We have no paid Lions.

Anyone wishing to donate funds, or time is welcome to call, we will 
not share you name, number or any other information with anyone. 

                                 Become a member and make a difference in your community.

  Please take a moment to watch these brief videos, Thank You.

Video - It Takes a Lion  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDBxBTmfZxk

Video - Lions: Making a Difference Everyday, Everywhere  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-Telj8No2s 
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Original Charter 1947
re-Chartered June 3, 2008
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